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About This Project

Stepless automatic transmission multitronic developed by AUDI
link-plate chain Audi multitronic® gearbox

The AUDI multitronic® gearbox is a stepless automatic gearbox and the further development to the CVT systems (continuously variable transmission gearbox)

The multitronic® system which allows an efficient and seamless transmission was jointly developed by AUDI and Luk, a renowned supplier of converters, clutch and transmission systems. Luk provided the disc sets, the link-plate chains and the hydraulics.

The variator constitutes the key element of the mulititronic® gearbox and adjusts the transmission of the engine power. The variator unit consists of disc set 1 (primary disc set), disc set 2 (secondary disc set), as well as a special chain.

Contrary to previous systems, the transmission of the engine power will be conveyed via a newly developed chain, called the link-plate chain. It is led between two clamping cylinders, through an oil flow cooling system. While conventional automatic transmission systems still use countless gears in order to convey the engine power, the multitronic® gearbox employs the link-plate chain to achieve the same effect.

By employing a CVT (continuously variable transmission) gearbox an internal-combustion engine can be operated independent of the optimal engine-map range. Resulting from the interaction of the seamless power delivery and the adaptive control unit of ignition map the multitronic® gearbox can use the number of revolution with maximum torque.

A torque sensor built in to the gearbox housing continuously registers data concerning engine, driver and surroundings and will adjust drive operation accordingly to, for example, sport or economy mode.

Audi Multitronic Gearbox Info